How-To: Make Your Bathroom Pinterest-Worthy

One of the guilty pleasures we have is scrolling aimlessly through Pinterest. We can literally spend our entire day swooning, daydreaming, and pinning pictures we love – especially dreamy bathrooms. Why bathrooms? Let's just say guests notice your bathrooms intimately. It's the room that  when done well, leaves a lasting impression.

From our countless research and experience, here is how to make your bathrooms Pinterest-worthy, the D&A way:

1. Go green.

Pick a houseplant that thrives in the damp conditions of a bathroom. Orchids love humid conditions of a bathroom. Ferns purify the air. If you don't have a green thumb or are plain busy to maintain plants, a framed image of lush foliage does the trick. Whether it's a photo of a philodendron leaf or a painting of palms, we humans are hardwired to feel good in the presence of life-giving plants.


2. Be scent-sational.

The intensity of the scent should be according to the scale of your bathroom. One simple candle is enough for a small room. Complement it with flameless candles. Designers use flameless candles as the flicker minimises the need of other accessories. Its captivating motion and light already fill up a room visually.


3. Present 'em well.

By all means indulge in body treats like scrubs, soaps, luxurious creams. But don't just line them up. Arrange them in lovely containers like trays. Earth-loving tip: We love reusing our scented candle glass jars for organising makeup brushes and cotton pads. Mix and match baskets for towels and clothes. In fact, decorate only with useful objects.


4. Go soft and easy.

Bath carpets create a luxurious feel. Coordinate the look, just as you would choose your living room carpets with care. Apply the same thoughtfulness to your pampering space. Invest in good quality towels.


5. Add culture.

Finally, what adds soul to your bathroom is an element of culture. From Oriental, Peranakan, Turkish or Moroccan, tiles are beautiful keepsakes that are so appropriate for bathrooms. If your bathroom is already built up, use one of our patterned all-weather rugs for the same well-travelled feel.


All images are sourced from Pinterest.