Boho Bathroom Essentials

There is no denying that bohemian style is in our DNA. This eclectic fashion evokes so much energy and life that we cannot get enough of.

Exotic fabrics, clashing colours, lush patterns, OTT foliage, and perfectly disorganized furniture - these are telltale signs of a wild, bohemian spirit. These are our trademark styles.

You might have already seen charming boho chic living rooms and bedrooms on magazines and Pinterest, but bathrooms? That’s a whole new ballgame.

Luckily for you, it’s our expertise. Inspired by Emily Henderson’s Bohemian Bathroom, here are 8 D&A boho bathroom essentials that bring comfort to this little space.


1. Midas Brass Bath Set

Bathed in gold, this set of tray, soap dispenser, cylindrical container, and tissue box holder scream luxe boho.


2. Elpidia Console Table

Seven artfully repurposed balusters made into a super unique table by a renowned Filipino designer. It couldn’t get more boho than that.


3. Santamaria Stool and Basket


This beauty that’s made of synthetic rattan is both stool and basket. Its Chevron and houndstooth weave patterns give it a contemporary wist. 


4. Café Rattan Arm Chair

The lightness of Scandinavian furniture style mixed with exceptional Asian material and skill. Perfection!


5. Candle #1 Tuberose

An extraordinary candle made with an exquisite combination of Tuberose, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Sandalwood to name a few. It burns for up to 60 hours.


6. Kashmir Olive with Pompoms Needlework

This Kashmir wool cushion is a work of art by skilled women originating from Kashmir, a valley in the Himalayan region. 


7. Chanthaburi Basket

Irregularities in shape and colour add character to this rectangular bamboo basket.


8. Rococo Plush Rug

This 18th century French style Rococo rug is made of semi-twisted wool, a method of rugmaking that creates a plush soft feel that your feet will surely love.