Loco for Morocco

If fashionistas have Paris, bohemians like us have Morocco. This kingdom in North Africa is on every boho chick’s bucket list. Life is incomplete without going on a cultural pilgrimage to this magical city.

As we celebrate our 1st year anniversary, we dive deep into our DNA – bohemian style. Morocco, a country rich in eclectic beauty and culture, effortlessly makes it to our inspiration board. It is one of Departures & Arrivals’ major influences; so much so that we put together a Modern Moroccan collection.

Released this month, you can expect to see all-new handmade rugs, cushions in exotic prints and patterns, furniture made the traditional Moroccan way, and intricate décor that are made to fit all modern lifestyles.

How did we curate our new collection? Allow us to let you in on our mood board. Follow us on Pinterest too for a constant stream of inspiration.


Moroccans have mastered the art of harmoniously putting this together. Every design is well thought, and collectively everything is aesthetically pleasing.


 The country is a visual feast. Colours that captivate your soul are aplenty.


Like a scene from a big-budget movie, the spaces in Morocco – whether they are luxury hotels or regular civilian homes – tell a wonderful story.


Lush greens contrast the harsh deserts.


 From ceilings and walls to floors, Morocco is never short of breathtaking designs. Imagine the hard work put into creating these masterpieces!


Original and handmade prints are synonymous to Morocco. You never leave the country without a skillfully made scarf or rug.


Spellbinding lines, structures, and shapes are what we love about this magical city.


Expect to leave Morocco feeling inspired by practically everything you see and most especially feel – it’s a feast for the senses!

 Photos sourced from Pinterest.