Eco-conscious, Responsible, Ethically Handmade Rugs

To live meaningful is to improve the lives of others by what you do. By supporting the art of the craftsman, you foster creative communities all around the world. More than that, you encourage artisans to think creative, to see the beauty of their tradition and to nurture passion in their art. Our everyday choices truly affect those around us. Knowing that our things come from good and our money goes to greater good, we feel a sense of fulfillment. This is the core of our philosophy.

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Do you know what these tiny icons stand for?


No child labor, forced labor or bonded labor was involved in the making of your rug.


Our rugs are certified by GoodWeave. In order to earn the GoodWeave label, rug exporters must be licensed under the GoodWeave certification program and sign a legally binding contract to adhere to GoodWeave’s no-child-labor standard.

To ensure compliance, independent GoodWeave inspectors make unannounced inspections of each loom. If inspectors find children working, they offer them the opportunity to go to school instead. Producers who do not adhere to the standard lose their status with GoodWeave. To protect against counterfeit labeling, each label is numbered so its origin can be traced.

We also help support GoodWeave and its commitment to provide rehabilitation and schooling for all rescued children. 0.25 percent of the export value of each rug goes toward monitoring, inspections and educational programs. 

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Your rugs are made of sustainably farmed natural materials.


That little green frog really gets around--and that’s good news for people and the planet. These days, you can find the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal on a rapidly growing list of products and services, including coffee, chocolate, tea, fruit, flowers, paper, furniture and tourism lodges.

Products bearing the seal originate on--or contain ingredients sourced from--Rainforest Alliance Certified farms or forests. These farms and forests are managed according to rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria designed to conserve wildlife; safeguard soils and waterways; protect workers, their families and local communities; and increase livelihoods in order to achieve true, long-term sustainability. 

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You help families improve their standard of living and encourage crafts to blossom.

We mean it when we say handmade. Our rugs are certified Craftmark, given to those who produce authentic craft-based handmade items in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. It is an initiative that sets sector-wide minimum standards and norms for labeling a product as an authentic 'handicraft'.

Acting as a link between the rural craft and the consumer, Craftmark enables the development of craftsmen and women into higher skill levels. It helps communities and families to improve their standard of living and encourages crafts to blossom.

Our rugmakers had to undergo a rigorous process of assessment including on-site monitoring and an independent and transparent review by a panel consisting of leaders from the crafts sector.

With every rug you buy, you contribute a lot towards the artisan community, a heritage which is thousands of years old and a craft which supports thousands of families.

To the happy owners of Living DNA rugs, know that your purchase goes a long way.