Design Story: Master Painters

Too many animals have been hunted to extinction for their feather, fur, and horn. It would seem that these trophies' beauty is so powerful that it drives man's desire as far as to eclipse compassion. And that in our quest for personal beauty, by keeping the trophies in our cabinet of curiosities, we believe ourselves to possess this beauty.

The Longhorn chair, Aries table and Tusk table embody this captivating beauty, without harming another life. To craft them, resin is casted into longhorn, ram horn and tusk shapes and made into furniture legs. 


The magic happens when skilled painters meticulously handpaint each individual faux horn.

Materials from the sea complement the horns, creating a special balance of contemporary cool and old-fashioned charm. The Aries tabletop is made of unique Midnight Blacktab Shell.


The Tusk console table exudes an unexpected theatrical air from the criss-crossing tusks visible through the glass tabletop.