A Collective Edit Nov 2015 | Style Profile on Founder Denise Kaur

They say necessity is the mother of all invention. This age-old adage couldn’t have been any truer for Denise Taojo Kaur, founder and owner of one of Singapore’s latest up and coming artisanal furniture galleries, Departures & Arrivals Gallery.

In this interview, she reveals how having difficulty in finding economical but stylish items for their new home motivated her to put up shop. The motivation was just part of the equation, though. More than that, she needed to take the leap and leave the comforts of her corporate job behind.

But she’s always loved travel, so she said, so moving from one role to another (from employee to employer) in the world of business probably must have come more intuitively for her than she realizes.

There’s a lot more graceful introspection to be had from our interview with Denise. The bright, young eagerness of someone new in the business is still very palpable, yet at the same time, there’s a sense of calm confidence and a high self-awareness for slowly but surely gaining wisdom while finally having hit her stride in this new realm.

Read full interview.

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