Sep 2016 Travelshopa | Lush Velvet Fall Inspiration

Inspiration: Soho House, Chicago

As fall swiftly approaches and we say our final goodbye to summer, we’re switching our summer home to a cosy nook. One thing that spells fall-ready is velvet.

Much like the medium room in Soho House Chicago, the use of lush velvet transforms any space into a rich, decadent and luxurious one. It’s also super soft – perfect for the cosy weather.

Take fall’s love for velvet to new heights by incorporating this luxe trend at home. A red velvet chair or throw pillow adds character to a room without making it feel too cluttered. We’ve also paired them with complementary home accessories decked in deep tones and gold accents. Play around with richly patterned rugs and wallpaper to add depth to your space.

Travelshopa recommends the Rococo Plush Rug.

Original article by Travelshopa.

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