Living DNA For Business

Rug Specialist

Living DNA is a multi-category soft floor furnishing supplier for your company. Our rugs and carpets are of high craftsmanship yet are price competitive through our global network of rugmakers. We take pride in offering you products that are made ethically and sustainably. Our team is committed to be flexible with your project's needs and budget.

Rugs for Every Purpose

We cater to all project sizes, big or small.


LUXE | Lavish, comfortable finishes uniquely tailored to your aesthetic and signature experience.

ARTISAN | Soulful, natural, highly textural materials with a strong sense of style for a distinct evocative experience, serving a global growing eco-consciousness.


Whether you need specific colours, materials, sizes, we work with your budget to reimagine the most effective carpets without compromising on quality or aesthetics. Contact us at to schedule a visit to your office.

Maintenance Services

Let us take care of your establishment or project's rugs and carpets. We offer cost-effective solutions for scheduled cleaning and upkeep, ensuring your rugs remain beautiful for many years to come. 



Glimpse some of our commercial projects below.