About Living DNA

Rugs for every home

We bring you award-winning, designer quality, handmade rugs that are affordable for homeowners and design professionals alike. We have rugs for practically every nook in your home -  living, dining, bedroom, study, balcony, kitchen, bathroom. Our rugs also work in office, commercial and hospitality spaces.

Our designs are carefully chosen. We source from many rug makers to offer a diverse range of materials and looks to match your specific lifestyle.

We love getting to know you. That's the best way we can recommend the perfect rug for you. Come to our flagship store. We'll tell you everything you need to know about rugs.


Soulful homeware

We curate a collection of handmade homeware by craftsmen and designers from all over the world. An artisan's work combines natural materials with methods that reflect a unique culture. Soulful, storied decor creates another layer of experience for your family and friends.


Mindful living

Every Living DNA piece you take home is produced fair trade with care for the environment. They are made to last more than a trend-season. Your purchase benefits the artisan's livelihood and instills pride in their heritage. Being conscious about what you buy is a mindful practice we all ought to nurture.

With rugs, we choose raw materials that can easily be replaced and are abundant in nature. We support workshops that recycle water and conserve energy in their processes. Some rugs are made of recycled materials. Creativity applies not only to aesthetic but also to innovative processes that reduce our ecological footprint.


Affordable luxury

We started the business in 2015 because unique home furnishing in the market was too expensive. We believe it does not have to be that way. So we consolidate beautiful goods in each country and ship them to Singapore in bulk without middle men. We sell online or directly from our warehouse. As a result, beautiful pieces can be yours at reasonable prices.


Why does it matter?
Discover our philosophy.