More Rug Questions Answered

Are the colors on your website accurate?

The digital images we display depict the most accurate color possible. However, due to differences among device screen settings, there may be variations in color between the actual product and what you see online. Some variations may also be caused by different dye batches and the rug's natural materials. If the color does not work for you, you are free to exchange your rug within 7 days. Here's how.

A visit to our showroom allows you to see the actual rug and ensure you get it right the first time.


I think I need a bigger/smaller rug. Can you customize?

Yes. Selecting the right rug size makes a huge difference to your interior design. We prepared your very own guide to help you determine the perfect size.

We stock standard-sized rugs ideal for most homes so that you can get it immediately. Should you need a different size, most of our designs are customizable. It takes an average of 7-8 weeks to handcraft and deliver your custom-sized rug. Drop us an email at and we're happy to quote you. 


The rug I received is not exactly the dimensions stated on the website.

Due to the handmade nature of rugs, there may be a slight difference in size between every piece. Expect a deviation of +/-10% in the size stated on your order. This amount is usually negligible and does not affect the overall look of your interiors.


Help! My dog peed on the rug!

The most important thing is to get to the problem areas as quickly as possible. A good rule of thumb is to blot, don't rub! Try to blot up as much excess moisture as possible, then call a professional rug cleaner. Email us at if you need our recommendation.


My rug is shedding like crazy, what’s going on?

Shedding is when small pieces of fiber come loose from the rug. Sometimes it might seem like a lot of fiber is coming out of the rug. In fact, shedding is normal for new wool rugs and should subside within a month. To expedite the process, vacuum clean your rug often.

Should I have my area rug professionally cleaned?

We recommend having your rugs cleaned only when it is needed. If your rug gets heavy use, cleaning once a year is fine. Average wear and tear necessitates a professional cleaning only once every 2-3 years. Regular vacuuming is recommended to keep your rug in the best shape possible. Read our care guide for material-specific instructions.


I don't have round-shaped furniture. Will a round rug work for me?

Definitely! In fact, a round rug complements angular furniture. If your home feels a little boxy (think rectangular couch, rectangular coffee table, rectangular TV console), then placing a round rug results in a more organic homey feel.


Do I need a rug pad?

Placing furniture on top of the rug will keep your rug in place and help it lay flat. If you have a lot of activity in the area and need extra stability, you can place a rug pad underneath your rug.

Which fiber is best for an area rug: natural or synthetic?

Natural and synthetic fibers each possess unique characteristics. Synthetic fibers offer a high degree of abrasion and stain resistance, meaning it is difficult to wear them out. Natural fibers like wool and cotton have been around for centuries and offer vivid colors, excellent wearability and great appearance retention.


Why is my area rug fading?

All textiles will fade when exposed to harsh sunlight as well as natural ozone in the air. If your rug is in direct contact with sunlight, its color may become more muted over the years. If the rug is partially covered by furniture, you may notice that the exposed portions of the rug have changed color. This is a normal occurrence. We recommend that you keep the shades drawn during the time of day when the rug is exposed to direct sunlight. 

How do I store my area rug?

If you are going to store your rug for any length of time it is recommended that you roll the rug. Do not fold because this can cause creases. Wrap it in plastic (several layers of kitchen cling wrap also works), then seal the package with tape. Poke a couple of holes in the plastic to allow the rug to breathe. 

Can I use different area rugs in the same room?

Of course! As long as the colors complement one another, it’s perfectly acceptable to have different rugs in the same room. If you prefer a more cohesive feel, you can use similarly patterned and colored rugs in different shapes. We love the on-trend look of layered rugs. Use one of our vibrant kilims and place it over a larger, natural rug!