Live mindful

When you hold a piece of handmade work, you glimpse into the mind of the artisan. You come to understand the way they live, how their ideas are shaped, and why they create. An entire heritage manifests in the piece. You become completely aware of the object you experience. Elements in nature - earth, air, sun, water - conspire to become a substance that is transformed by the artisan into furniture that serves a purpose in your daily life. Practicing deep appreciation rekindles your connection to nature. You are part of the whole. And as part of the whole, you develop compassion for the rest of it. You naturally move away from products that create waste. You feel less satisfied with short-term use. And when something lasts longs with you, it becomes a keeper of your memory, a reminder of your life to others. You continue the story that the maker starts.

Live meaningful

Meaning comes from improving the lives of others by what you do. By supporting the art of the craftsman, you foster creative communities all around the world. You give them opportunity to make a living. More than that, you encourage artisans to think creative, to see the beauty of their tradition and to nurture passion in their art. We've personally seen their joy simply from knowing their work is appreciated. After all, we humans share a quest for fulfillment. Our everyday choices truly affect those around us. Knowing that our things come from good and our money goes to greater good, we feel a sense of fulfillment.

Live beautiful

Beauty in itself is a noble pursuit. Beauty makes us feel happy. The beauty of a piece of homeware goes beyond what we see. It is also what we touch, smell, hear and feel. Beauty comes from the unique stamp of the maker. It comes from the time and attention spent to design and craft. Nature is a timeless and inexhaustible source of beauty. Materials and inspiration taken from nature bring vitality to your home. And because beauty permeates, you cultivate a sense of beauty in other aspects of your life as well. When you live beautiful everyday, you lead a richer existence.