Maison Fragranced Candle No.3 Play

Maison by Amanda Dyer

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When in the mood to have some ‘fun’ or simply want to brighten up the room at your next dinner party, the PLAY candle is here to help. Patchouli has been used as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years as it puts the spark back in the bedroom for both men and women by stimulating the sexual hormones, estrogen & testosterone. Just to be sure, we have also added Fenugreek - known as nature’s “party starter” which helps with maintaining healthy levels of these hormones.

The undertone of Nutmeg brings out the cheeky side of the scent as it blends together a refreshing and uplifting aroma. So next time you want to get the party started, this intoxicating aroma with sensual overtones will certainly help get everybody in the mood.

Indicative burning time : 50 hours

Ingredients: Patchouli, Fenugreek, Nutmeg


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