Professional Rug Cleaning - Premium

Living DNA

Send your rug for chemical washing at least once a year to keep your home safe and clean for the whole family.

Chemical Wash
  • Removes dirt and dust from your rug
  • Prolongs the life of your rug
  • Gets rid of bacteria, algae, mold, dust mites and most allergens
  • Non-toxic, safe for kids and pets
  • Lab-certified by ASTM International to eliminate 99.99% of house bacteria within 10 minutes of treatment
  • For all types of rugs
  • Appropriate care and cleaning agents specific to the material of your rug
  • Free pickup
  • Free delivery within 14 days of pickup
  • Get 20% discount if you own a Living DNA rug. Use code MYDNARUG at checkout.

By purchasing this service, you agree that

  • Cleaning is guaranteed for hygiene purposes only. Stain treatment is done at a best effort basis. Your stain may or may not be completely removed.
  • We do our best to clean your rug to the extent that it does not get damaged. No refunds for this service.

For odd sizes, email us at for a quote.

Estimated Arrival: In Stock - 3 to 7 days


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