Handcrafted Designer Clocks from Japan

We look at clocks everyday and many times, so we believe that clocks should be accorded the same careful selection that you do with your furniture and home decor.

Lemnos started in 1947 as a brass casting manufacturer until in 1980, they were approached by Seiko Clock Company to design and develop innovative and contemporary clocks. After the huge success of the iconic Hola clock, Lemnos collaborated with renowned Japanese designers such as Riki Watanabe, Shin Azumi, Kazuo Kawasaki, Tomoko Azumi, Kanae Tsukamoto and Nendo Design Studio to create stunning designs.

Today, Lemnos is a prestigious and well-known brand trusted by interior designers and architects worldwide. The clocks are designed for homes, bars, restaurants, hotels and offices. These designer clocks are truly unique and timeless, the craftsmanship is outstanding and attention to detail is inherent.

Each timepiece is handmade with the refined skills of Japanese craftsmen, highly reputed for quality. Rarely are clocks made with beautiful materials such as wood, stone, metal, clay and paper. You will not find anything similar in looks and quality. Feel the difference the moment you receive your clock in your hands. Welcome to a new timekeeping experience.